Product Extensions Drive AdWord Conversions

We’re always trying to find ways to increase conversions from AdWords, and here’s a great one. You can expand your AdWords listing with extremely specific merchandise information by enabling what Google calls “product extensions”. As you can see from the photo, when I search for “order soccer trophies online” I get the expected collection of ads down the right side of Google, but Dinn Trophy has enabled product extensions, so their ad stands out in the crowd. They’re paying the same CPC (cost-per-click) regardless of whether a user clicks on the main text or any of the specific offers within the product list.

So how do you get this working? This article from Google walks you through it. You need to be using Google Merchant Center, but you’re already doing that, right? 🙂

Andy Dunn is Timberline's VP of Marketing and manages large volume pay-per-click, comparative shopping and other online marketing campaigns. Andy has managed online marketing campaigns for Vermont Teddy Bear, the National Gardening Association, Wine of the Month Club and many others.

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