Adwords Position Reporting

It’s no secret that those paid search ads at the top of google search results get the most attention and the most clicks. Eye-tracking heatmap studies have long identified this “golden triangle” as the area where online shoppers focus.

If you’ve ever wondered just how big a difference there is between and average AdWords position in the top yellow box (typically 1-3) or down right side (usually 4 or more), now you can find out.  The new segmenting option in AdWords allows you quantify just how big a difference placement can make. Top vs. Side stats can be readily accessed inside AdWords:

Select the Campaign, Ad groups, Ads or Keywords tab
Click the Segment button in the toolbar above your data
Select Top vs. side from the drop-down – you’ll see the results in rows beneath each of your ads.

New position reporting in Adwords

We’ve seen top ad placement clickthrough rates over 10 times greater than right side placements. Suddenly, that slightly higher bid seems a lot more appealing, doesn’t it? It’s certainly worth examining your data, and looking at ways to optimize your bidding and take advantage of top placements. With a significant lift in clickthroughs, those higher bids may pay for themselves before you know it.

Justin Perdue

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