Google Product Extentions: U.S. School Supply

I’ve pointed out product extensions before as a great way to increase AdWord effectiveness. Here’s another example of how powerful they can appear in relation to a growing number of product photos in the limited ad space Google provides. U.S. School Supply not only gets the usual blurb with the usual link, but five additional links, photos of product and price listings… all for no difference in the CPC (cost per click).

You can read more about enabling Google Product Extensions here.

Oh, and did you notice the stars in the lower right corner, next to the Pottery Barn ad ( That’s another neat little trick for increasing conversions from AdWords. It’s called “Seller Rating Extensions” and Google claims they get an average 17% higher CTR (click through rate) than ads without them. You can read more about them here.

Andy Dunn is Timberline's VP of Marketing and manages large volume pay-per-click, comparative shopping and other online marketing campaigns. Andy has managed online marketing campaigns for Vermont Teddy Bear, the National Gardening Association, Wine of the Month Club and many others.

One Comment on "Google Product Extentions: U.S. School Supply"

  1. Eric Winter says:

    I just wanted to add a note regarding analytics and Ad Extensions. For some unknown reason, Adwords doesn’t provide very helpful information on some of the ad extensions types. I’ve worked mainly with Sitelinks and Product Extensions and I’ve been surprised at how weak (or vague) the reporting is. In the case of Product Extensions, there are ValueTrack parameters like AdType which will allow you to see what traffic comes from the Product Ads and What comes from the Extension. In the case of sitelinks, you need to add a tracking parameter like “sitelink=[name of sitelink” to your sitelink urls.

    Both of these methods seem poorly documented to me and weak in general. In the case of Sitelink tracking, for example, you can’t see any differentiation based on adgroup.

    I wonder why they don’t show performance within the Adwords UI and let you drill in?

    Does anyone have any good hacks for getting better info than the info garnered by the techniques that I described?

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