Power of the written word

What do you do before making a purchase? Personally I do a few things. I look around for a good deal, I try to decide whether or not I really need said item, and I research, research, research. Part of my research is understanding the item, for instance, I recently set out to purchase a new television (my old one somehow managed to get a remote lodged in it during a certain sporting event). I realized I didn’t know the difference between plasma and LCD, so I looked it up and decided what technology was right for me. Then it came time to decide on a model. Let me tell you, there are a lot of TV models out there. I found a few that matched the specifications that I wanted and narrowed down my choices. This is the point at which the most important part of my research happens, product reviews. How many times have you done something or bought something simply because someone recommended it? People want to hear that others were happy with their experience in their own words.

So if you looking to make an online purchase and you don’t actually know anyone that owns the item where do you go? Savvy folks may have a favorite review site. Some may just type it into a search engine. Why not make it easier for your clients by adding review area to your product’s page! And how do you populate this review area you ask? Two ways, you can have a “write a review for this product” link on your product’s page and/or the more effective version, you have a self triggered email that requests a review from the recipient. You would be very surprised how many people will take a minute or two to write a few sentences about a product they love. Which brings up an interesting point. What about bad reviews or those few bad apples out there that might write something rude? Simple, your administrator must approve any review that gets posted to your site. Not to mention poor review gives you the opportunity to comment back to the unsatisfied party and the chance to show your great customer service. I also encourage you to put a few “three star” reviews as apposed to all “five star” just to show the validity of your review area.  So how do you get this wonderful service? Simple again, you can add it to your site along with other custom email services in the email 6 pack upgrade (to be addressed in an upcoming blog) or by it’s self  by contacting us at marketing@tli2.com!

Worried about not getting the bang for you buck? A client of ours recently added it to their site and within the first week had over 70 great comments over a bunch of different product pages. Take a look at bostoncoffeecake.com! The reviews are in the tabbed area under the product area.

In the end this is a great way to promote your product, encourage sales, and put a smile on your face for a job well done!

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