Make the most of what you don’t have

I walked into a bakery the other day searching out my favorite cookies, (oatmeal chocolate chip) unable to locate them in the glass case I approached the sales person and asked if she had any. After taking a look around and checking with the baker she returned and informed me politely that they had just sold out of the last batch (it was admittedly late in the day). Perhaps sensing my disappointment she then offered me some fresh-out-the-oven blonde chocolate chip brownies. I had money in my hand, and I was looking for a treat so I said sure and walked home with a half dozen.

Now what would have happened if after asking for the cookies the young lady had just said “I can’t find any” and walked away? Most likely I would have left disappointed and found my cookies elsewhere.

This situation happens all too often on the web. How many times have you been to a website and used the search bar to find a product only to be met with a page that says something like “sorry no results could be found for your search” and leaves you at a dead end? You’ve worked so hard to get people to your site and they are ready to buy something and you’ve basically said “I can’t find any” and walked away.

Why not instead offer some of your other products? Have your failed search page say “Sorry we don’t have what you were searched for. Perhaps you would be interested in…” It doesn’t always work but it’s surely better then the alternative. It also gives you the opportunity to show off some of your other products that the viewer may not have been previously aware of.

Check it out in action here by searching for “jetpacks”, I assure they don’t carry them.

If you would like to talk to us about setting this up on your site drop us an email at!

Till next time, stay well and busy, make friends and money! Oh, and by the way, the brownies were great!

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