Hope you all had a chance to read the previously posted blog entitled “Facebook for business. Changes part one”. If not I suggest scrolling down and checking that one out first.

In this post I intend to pick up where I left off on the Timeline and talk about Friend Activity, Pinned Posts, Larger Story Layouts and Milestones.

Friend Activity will appear at the top right of the timeline under your Apps. This is where the visitor will see the number of their friends that “like” the page as well as a sampling of their profile pictures and featured friend’s comments. This area will be shown to friends and non-friends alike and will always occupy this spot, no tags required.

Pinned Posts will appear on the top left of your Timeline under the Profile image. You can “pin” any post on your timeline to this top spot and it will stay there for 7 days. I strongly encourage these posts to have calls to action, deals, sales, links etc. Another interesting note is that these posts can appear to users targeted by location.

Larger Story Layouts (or starred posts) are interesting to play with as they typically grab a little more attention as they occupy both sides of the Timeline. Again I would encourage calls to action, links deals and so on. I would also encourage the use of these larger stories to instill your branding. Use nice big photos and videos, highlight recent activities and events. Show off some new products!

Milestones are similar to highlighted (or starred) posts. You are able to define the event, location, date, story and image or video. The admin of the page must be the one to set up a Milestone and once created it will create a date link of the Timeline sidebar.

I hope this second installment has been helpful and I realize that I am breezing through a lot of different topics fairly quickly but I wanted to give everyone a brief overview. If you have more detailed questions remember you can always contact us at marketing@tli2.com. Stay tuned for the final installment coming early next week!

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