About Timberline

What is Timberline Interactive?

Timberline Interactive is an online marketing agency focused on driving traffic and orders to transactional e-commerce web sites.  At Timberline, we understand your business objectives and understand eCommerce deployments within the context of those goals.

We’re specialists in creating effective and profitable eCommerce Web sites. We drive sales and find operational efficiencies that optimize the Web channel to maximize growth and profits. When you work with Timberline Interactive, you benefit from a wealth of experience in meeting online business goals. You get answers to questions like these:

  • How do I measure the performance of the web channel?
  • How do I get more out of my marketing budget?
  • Which site improvements will increase conversion the most?

What is CommerceV3?

CommerceV3 is an e-commerce platform for multi-channel retailers. Over the years Timberline has grown stores on a lot of platforms, and still do. But CV3’s combination of affordable pricing, free-form templates and integrated marketing features quickly made it our “go to” platform,  so much so that we’re now owned by the same folks.