Paid Search Advertising (SEM)
Timberline’s Search Engine Marketing experts build and manage paid search campaigns to grow sales and deliver high ROI.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
High ranking free, or “organic” results drive new business to your website. Timberline’s experienced SEO team employs practical, white-hat search engine optimization techniques that work.

Email Marketing
Email is your single highest-ROI channel. Timberline keeps pace with the latest email rules, technologies and deliverability issues. We share tactics to boost your open rates, click rates and revenue-per-message.

Email List Building
Timberline can help you quickly grow your opt-in house list, through onsite signups, promotions, and innovative techniques like ECOA and Email Append services applied to your postal mailing list.

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)
Google Shopping, plus pay-for-inclusion sites like PriceGrabber and can drive more revenue to your site. We’ll evaluate the ROI potential, optimize your data feed, and launch you on the leading CSEs.

Commerce Design
When designing a Web site, it’s not enough to design just for your users. Nor can you design solely for the benefit of search engines. Instead, your eCommerce Web site needs to be easily and intuitively navigable for your online customers as well as the search engine robots.

Link Building
Links from other sites add to your relevance, but only if links are topical and legitimate. There are many wrong ways to build links, and only a few right ways. Do it right!

Online Public Relations
Where traditional public relations meets the Internet. Online PR distributed by PRWeb can help build buzz, and also optimize your site for search engines.

Google Analytics
Timberline specializies in installing and configuring the free Google Analytics package — and we know how to use the data to improve your online business performance.

Google Website Optimizer
Google’s powerful, free tool lets web merchants test alternate designs, headlines, offers, and featured products — in real time, on real customers. So stop guessing what lifts website conversion rates and how much. We’ll help you prove it.

Timberline Interactive is expertly skilled at creating visually appealing sites that are easy to navigate and follow all of the best practices of search engine site design:

Graphic design for eCommerce – Timberline Interactive’s team of graphic designers excels in the creation of eye-catching, interactive and user-friendly design for Internet retailers and catalogers, making your online storefront as appealing and customer friendly as your catalog and/or your retail outlet.

Information architecture – You understand your business, your products and your audience. Timberline Interactive understands the business of eCommerce for direct marketers. We create architecturally sound sites that intuitively walk your online customer through to the product or products in which they are most interested.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

The single biggest opportunity for growing your online business — the rising tide that lifts all boats — is to improve your website usability and checkout process. Look at your web analytics: If your “bounce rate” and cart abandonment rate are high, you’re disappointing, confusing, or turning off many of your visitors.

At Timberline, we can help you with objective review of your website, and can offer you practical advice born of many years of ecommerce experience.

One thing that experience has taught us, is humility. While we have good marketing and design instincts, we know even the most exciting ideas should be tested in real time on real customers. That’s why our usability consulting practice leans heavily on web analytics, A/B testing, and the occasional focus group or live usability test.

At Timberline Interactive, we offer practical, ROI-focused Web Usability consulting:

  • Usability review and recommendations from a team of online marketing and design professionals
  • Google Analytics review and analysis
  • Real-time A/B and multivariate testing
  • Small-scale and affordable live user testing
  • Graphic redesign services from wireframes to final Photoshop mockups

If you’re interested in truly optimizing your website, you owe it to yourself to bring in fresh eyes. We’ll help you make your website better and more financially successful, with an emphasis on:

  • Removing barriers to purchase (warnings, disclaimers, unneccesary steps)
  • Accentuating your guarantee, security messaging, and unique selling proposition
  • Strong and inviting brand look-and-feel
  • Clean, intuitive user interfaces
  • Navigation that reflects customer priorities
  • Powerful calls to action, navigational buttons and other cues