Better Web Analytics Leads to Better Performing Websites

Publishing a website is not like publishing a book or a catalog. The beauty of the web is that sites can be continually changed and improved. But how can you make intelligent decisions about your site? With web analytics, you can make informed choices about how to improve your website’s performance. You cannot manage what you don’t measure.

Timberline monitors sets of key performance indicators for each ecommerce site we manage, using Google Analytics software to scrutinize the details of site performance and make intelligent improvements.

At Timberline, a Google Analytics program includes:

  • Evaluating general performance – Timberline can measure how your Web site is performing for different populations of visitors – those coming from different marketing campaigns, new site visitors vs. returning visitors, visitors from different regions, and more. With this insight, we can make improvements to landing pages and site content.
  • Tracking commerce and conversion – What percentage of visitors buy? What percentage join your email list or request a catalog? On what page of the checkout process are you losing the most customers? By setting different “conversion” actions, we can understand the bottom line impact of a customer’s interaction with the site, and make changes to boost site performance.
  • Monitoring visitor activity – Seeing where different kinds of visitors clicked and mapping and reacting to this activity can lead to longer customer visits and better online conversions.

Google Website Optimizer

With several years of ecommerce experience, we’ve developed good instincts for what site improvements really ring the cash register. But we try to base our actions on hard data rather than mere guesswork. That’s why your Google Analytics practice should be harnessed to a continual improvement A/B testing plan, using Google Website Optimizer.

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