Commerce Design

User-Friendly and Search Engine-Friendly Web Design Tailored for E-Commerce

When designing a Web site, it’s not enough to design just for your users. Nor can you design solely for the benefit of search engines. Instead, your eCommerce Web site needs to be easily and intuitively navigable for your online customers as well as the search engine robots.

Timberline Interactive is expertly skilled at creating visually appealing sites that are easy to navigate and follow all of the best practices of search engine site design:

Good Web design must balance visually attractive graphic imagery with search-engine friendly techniques. Effective eCommerce Web site design requires more than graphic design skills – Web designers must also understand Web site usability and be well versed in the discipline of navigation design.

Graphic Design for E-Commerce

Timberline Interactive’s design team knows how to best balance good, eye-catching design with usability and strong navigation design. The Timberline Web design philosophy can be summarized in three words:Clean, Fast, and Elegant.

Clean. When we say Clean, we mean uncluttered interfaces that make it simple for users to find what they want quickly, with navigation that easily guides them to the products they want. Clean also means a logical, simple checkout flow that reduces shopping cart abandonment, and presents clear instructions and guidance for your customers.

Fast. We use fast server hardware and high bandwidth connections to our servers, so we eliminate the possibility that these things will slow down your site. We design for fast page loading times so visitors don’t get impatient waiting for your pages to appear. And we do everything we can to get your site visitors to make fast conversions from browsers to buyers.

Elegant. Our graphic designs are elegant and sophisticated, and we strive to evoke the essence of your company as we construct the site. If you have an existing company image, we’ll integrate that look and feel into your Web site. If you are just starting, we can help you develop your brand as it applies to your new Web presence, and we can work with your designer and/or advertising agency to make the process a smooth one. Our end goal is to ensure your website reflects your company image, turns browsers into buyers and keeps customers returning for more.

Information Architecture

The Foundation of Successful eCommerce Is Good Site Architecture.

Information architecture is the keystone of successful Web site design. A site’s information architecture is its framework – the navigation, labeling systems and overall flow and content. When a site’s architecture is well conceived, the user experience is positive and the purchasing process is simple. But if the architecture is flawed, the user experience will be poor and the site’s financial performance will suffer.

Timberline’s design and marketing teams work together to create a Web site architecture that organizes the site information into content groupings that support logical navigation structures, intuitive visual cues, visibility in search engines and increased conversion.

Our staff takes a scientific approach to usability. Using sophisticated Web analytics tools, we analyze and improve site design using quantitative performance measurement data. With this data, we can better understand customer flow and make better decisions about campaign landing pages, intuitive linking structures and more.

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