E-mail Marketing

Develop Strong Online Customer Relationships with Email Marketing

Email marketing can play an important role in your Internet marketing plan and it is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. Through targeted email campaigns, you can get feedback on new products or promotions, increase revenues through customer order follow up, cross-sell and more.

But while there are substantial benefits to email marketing, there are also increasing challenges. Email is being filtered, blocked, and bounced, even when a company is sending a legitimate message to a customer who has asked to receive it.

At Timberline Interactive, we have a wealth of experience with permission-based (or opt-in) email marketing. Our marketing team can help you:

  • Design your email messages
  • Get them delivered
  • Navigate through the technical challenges, and
  • Proactively monitor and analyze campaign results to determine future steps and improve your ROI.

At Timberline Interactive, email marketing programs consist of:

  • Email strategy and campaign planning – Permission-based email marketing is a very dynamic landscape. Things that worked three months ago don’t work now. Why not leverage our experience and realize a better return on your investment of both time and money?
  • Professional copywriting and design – Successful emailing starts with effective messaging, strong subject lines and good use of layout and design. Trust the experts at Timberline.
  • Expertise in delivery – We know how to increase the number of emails that are delivered to the inbox and opened. We also closely monitor government regulations and make sure all messages are compliant with CAN-SPAM law.
  • Email/Newsletter development – Let us create an easy-to-use newsletter template that can be used for up-selling or customer loyalty programs. Segmentation? Personalization? We have the expertise on hand to effectively market your brand and products online via email.

Email List Building

The best email-marketing plan in the world is of limited value if your house list is too small to move the needle. After factoring in open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, you convert only a small fraction of your customers with any given message.

Quickly growing your house list is a sure path to higher email revenue.

Timberline can help you grow your opt-in house list, through onsite signups, promotions, and innovative techniques like ECOA and Email Append services applied to your postal mailing list.

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