Google Web Site Optimizer

Google’s powerful, free Website Optimizer tool lets web merchants test alternate designs, headlines, offers, and featured products — in real time, on real customers. So stop guessing at what lifts conversion rates and how much. We’ll help you prove it.

Timberline’s Tom Funk was part of the Vermont Teddy Bear team that deployed a test (or “Experiment,”in Google parlance) forĀ one of the very first Google case studies. Since then, we’ve tested a full spectrum of website elements that can help (or hinder) sales.

  • Bigger, bolder add-to-cart buttons?
  • Does a free-shipping pitch attract enough extra sales to pay for the cost of it?
  • What’s the best mix of featured products and “hero shot” for the homepage?

Putting your design and marketing concepts to a real-time Google Website Optimizer test is the best way to demonstrate which ones have real impact on sales — and to quantify the lift they provide. Our designers, marketers and usability pros can help you devise a test. We’ll then help deploy GWO tracking code on your website, and guide you through the results.

With the performance reports in hand, you’ll find it’s addictive: You’ll quickly adopt the combination of elements that “won” your first test and move eagerly on to your next Experiment!

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