Link Building

Link Building Leads to Better Search Engine Results

Incoming links to a Web site matter. A lot. Search engine rankings and search traffic are influenced by which sites link to you. Think of it this way: incoming links are votes for your site in the eyes of the search engines.

Timberline Interactive has been in the business of building high traffic Web sites for years. We know that incoming links can make all the difference. We also know, however, that link quality and relevance is more important than sheer quantity. There are now companies boasting guaranteed search engine placement and offering to provide thousands of links. Be careful. These techniques are of questionable benefit, and possibly even detrimental.

To deliver effective incoming links, Timberline Interactive will:

  • Evaluate and strategize – We will benchmark your current inbound links and determine the best approach for building out from there. We will develop a link-building strategy for your Web site that is efficient, economical and in keeping with your good business image.
  • Employ best practices – Timberline will only approach link building techniques in conjunction with the Internet’s best practices. We do not make easy promises of “guaranteed results”. But we have a track record of generating quality inbound links for our clients, and gaining high rankings for their keyterms.
  • On-site link strategies – Depending on your business or product, we may want to pursue on-site links and other approaches to link building. There are techniques we can employ to systematically increase the quantity of reputable incoming links.

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