Paid Search

See Results with Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Still one of the best revenue opportunities on the web today is paidsearch-engine advertising. Also called Search-Engine Marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC), or cost-per-click (CPC), it’s a powerful marketing channel with stunningly wide reach.

When done properly, you can acquire highly targeted traffic – potential customers who are looking specifically for the products your site offers. Done wrong, it’s probably the quickest way yet invented to throw your money out the window!

Timberline Interactive has been successfully managing pay-per-click programs and campaigns since its very inception in the late 1990’s. Our marketing specialists have developed an all-encompassing program to maximize your ROI in this complex and strategically important medium.

At Timberline, a pay-per-click (PPC) program involves the following:

  • Pay-per-click advertising strategy and campaign planning – We integrate paid search efforts with natural search engine optimization, as well as offline marketing programs.
  • Keyterm list building – Targeting the right keyterms makes all the difference. We emphasize the development of keyterms that yield a high volume of quality click-throughs and high conversion, all at a good price. The bottom line results are increased traffic, customer acquisition and higher ROI.
  • Bid management – Successful pay-per-click campaigns require well-managed bidding. Maintaining a long list of keyterms and bids in multiple search engines can be time consuming and ineffective if poorly managed. Timberline Interactive can efficiently monitor and maintain positioning on even the largest of keyterm lists, in an extremely cost-effective manner. The result again is superior ROI.
  • Ad copywriting – At Timberline we can help write concise and powerful search-engine ads to attract the qualified customers you want. And on some PPC engines, the more relevant and popular your ad, the less you’ll pay for each click.
  • Improved conversion – Converting visitors to customers is the ultimate goal of PPC advertising. We will not only drive new visitors to your site, but we’ll also help you convert them into customers.


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