Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Better Search-Engine Rankings

Online search is a dominant force on the Web. It is important to know how to improve your placement and maintain relevance in today’s leading search engines and there are concrete things that can be done to improve your natural or organic search results, positively impacting and increasing your incoming traffic.

And while many companies bill themselves as “search engine optimizers,” many quite literally miss the mark. They are long on advice but short on follow through and often disappear before measuring the results. At Timberline, our SEO staffers roll up their sleeves and dig into a Web site to provide the most pertinent advice and recommendations to produce better site search rankings. We perform pre-SEO baselines and carefully measure results. Depending on your site’s platform, we can add and edit title tags, meta descriptions and other content directly to your site or provide you with the copy for you to upload.

At Timberline, a search engine optimization program can include:

  • Establish a baseline – In order to be able to measure success in SEO, we need to review current site analytics to evaluate search engine impact, generate a keyword ranking report and use this baseline to measure SEO results. To do this we look at page rank, page titles, onsite content, inbound links and other factors that effect natural search results.
  • Keyword Analysis – Once a baseline is established, we do a thorough keyword analysis. To do this, we use online tools to build a complete list of keywords that serve as a foundation for search engine optimization.
  • On-site Optimization – In order for the search engine spiders to rank a site, it is important that the site adheres to certain recommended industry standards and that the pages contain relevant, keyword rich content. We not only work to make the site “search engine friendly,” but also edit existing content on site pages, page titles, meta descriptions and keywords for better keyword density.
  • Off-site Criteria – It is not only critical that a site function within the proper parameters, the “popularity” of a given site is also an important characteristic that is factored into search engine relevance. We know how to increase the inbound links through industry best practice strategies.
  • Content Building – In the current search engine environment, content is king and our expert copywriters can build out your site with keyword rich text that will greatly improve your rankings in the major search engines.


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