The Team

Timberline Interactive and CommerceV3 merged in 2009 and while we remain focused on our core competencies, we better serve merchants by working as a team and sharing the same vision: to assist a vibrant and eclectic ecosystem of independent merchants to grow ever stronger and more profitable despite a growing tide of sameness and mediocrity.

Management Team

Blake Ellis
Founding Partner & CEO

Nathan Focht
Founding Partner & President


Sharon Rogers
Vice President of Business Development

Marc Bigbie
Sales Specialist

Merchant Growth Team

Eric Winter
Vice President of Internet Strategy

Andy Dunn
Vice President of Marketing

Deb Brisson
Vice President of Software Development

Cinny Lawrence
Creative Director

Justin Perdue
Marketing Manager

E-Commerce Platform Developers

Kristen Keller
Lead Developer

Perry Whelan
IT Director

Michael Brown
Danny Nordstrom
Jim Loya
Patrick Morgan
James Dewey
Shawn Keller

Production & Support Specialists

Christina Focht
Vice President of Operations

Justin Hollender
Director of Training & Support

Anna Re
Director of Production

Megan Huelsbeck
Director of Launch Services

Heather Byers
Mark Huelsbeck
Jerry Kellar
Jay Neilson
Bridgette Kincade
Barbara Focht
Bonnie Focht

Integrated Partners

Susan Isaacs
Head Strategic Focus-izer
Paragon Design Group

Kathie Ross
Email Energetics

Seth Michalak
SM Consulting

Hannah Byrne
Chief Creative Officer
SmackDab Studios