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Is Your Email Branding Consistent?

You work hard on your image on your website, but if you’re like many people, the branding on your emails may have slipped by unnoticed. Email design is important, it sets the tone. Your emails don’t just convey your company’s message they also help to build engagement with your brand. We now offer an Email Overhaul package where we’ll review all your outgoing email templates (abandon cart, wishlist notification, etc.) and will unify the branding for you to ensure that they are consistent and match your website look and feel. Email Andy today to find out more details on the Email Overhaul package and get started.

Thinking about a site refresh?

Read how long-time customer SERRV did just that- and the impressive results that followed!

We’re proud to announce the recent launch of the new shopping site for our long-time customer, SERRV, a $9.5 million fair trade network connecting thousands of artisans in developing countries with customers and volunteers across the United States.

A Timberline partner since 2005, SERRV has created a website to support and supplement their catalog sales of unique gift, home decor, clothing, jewelry and other items made by artisans and farmers in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe.  Serena Sato, Directory of Marketing at SERRV, says the process of working with Timberline and CommerceV3 to revamp their website was a pleasure from start to finish.

“I can’t say enough good things about Timberline and Deb Brisson [Timberline’s VP of Software Development],” Sato says.  “She’s done an amazing job, and our new site is a huge improvement over the old one.  Deb helped us problem solve, take advantage of opportunities, and even agreed to be on call when issues came up.  We could not have done it without her, for sure!”

The SERRV redesign features several improvements to the site, Sato says: “We now have more flexibility in how to categorize products.  For instance, we can use one, two or three tiers, which makes it much easier to navigate.  Also, CommerceV3 cross-sell options now allow us to use that field to focus on our artisan stories, which we’re really excited about.  Images are now nearly double the old size, which makes a huge difference in the look and feel.  The new redirects have also helped us a lot, as has the ability to do top and side navigation.  And we love the zoom, which highlights the hand-crafted quality of our products.  Though we’re a non-profit, it’s really important that our customers see us not just as a charity site, but as a purveyor of high-quality products.  In so many ways, the capacity of the new site has helped us display our products and our story in a manageable, flattering format.”

Sato reports excellent results for the new SERRV site when comparing sales from October 2010 to October 2011, including a 22 percent increase in individual consumer order sizes; a 30 percent increase in individual consumer purchases; a jump to just under 50 percent of orders coming in via the new web site, a slight increase over 2010; and a 12 percent increase in wholesale store orders, with nearly 60 percent of those orders coming in via the new web site.

Deb Brisson adds, “Working with Serena and the rest of the SERRV team was fantastic.  They are all very smart, driven and focused on producing a high quality shopping experience.  Due to the complexity of their pricing and business rules, we spent a lot of time up front determining how to structure their data so that each of their different customer types would see the appropriate display, product and pricing information.  We did this by heavily utilizing the CommerceV3 customer group and promotion tools, a very robust strength of the platform.”

If you’re ready to take your online sales to the next level, find out how to get started with CommerceV3 or Timberline, please contact me, Sharon Rogers.