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The Daily Blogging Experiment – What Happened?

A little over two months ago I announced my intentions to rev up my blogging frequency from “every so often” to a rigorous daily (well, five days a week) pace.

In my post, “Must… Blog… Every Day!” I pointed to research by blogger Justin Kownacki, and commentary by SEO consultant Bruce Clay, that touted the traffic-building benefits of daily blogging.

Kownacki had decreased his own daily blogging schedule in favor of longer and more detailed weekly posts. The problem: His website traffic soon plummeted 36% and his Alexa traffic rank took a nosedive as well.

My own experiment strongly supports the idea that daily blogging drives more traffic. Here are some of the results after I ratcheted up my blogging pace:

  • Google’s crawl frequency increased noticeably within about a week and a half. Today, I can write a new blog post and expect it to be crawled and indexed within 8 hours or less.
  • Within a day of starting the experiment, our daily web traffic climbed noticeably. Within three weeks, visitors were up 56% from the prior month, and 19% year over year (reversing what had been YOY declines). Today, traffic is up 25% YOY.
  • I beganto hear from friends, clients and associates who were watching. I got invited to participate as a paid expert in an online market-research project, and received requests to contribute to other websites or publications.
  • My LinkedIn profile got 50% more daily views, and I received more invitations to connect, and more expertise requests. Twitter followers up a bit, not much.
  • We ranked low on Google’s second page for searches for “Timberline” (I know, I know, not that impressive for an SEO company!). But now we have moved up to the first page, position number four. We rose to number 5 for “ecommerce marketing blog,” and visits from that term tripled. Other terms have improved, too.
  • My posts were picked up via RSS and given great exposure by popular sites like and Who’s Blogging What. Traffic from referring sites like these skyrocketed, and the visitors tended to be qualified traffic, who viewed several pages and showed above-average time on site.


So… if daily blogging is so great for website traffic generation, why haven’t I posted anything here in the past month?

Unfortunately, the exercise took a LOT of time and there was no clear boost yet to our business. Could it just have been a narcissistic exercise in elevating Tom Funk’s brand without helping Timberline’s cash register? I sure hope not!

And there are a couple other factors that derailed my plans for daily posting:

  • My Dad, Stephen W. Funk (1935-2010) passed away earlier this month. Thanks for the well wishes, but it was actually a merciful thing — he went peacefully in his sleep after a long period of declining health, so the family is grateful for that, and we had a terrific send-off down in Florida a week ago.
  • Also, Fourth Quarter, always the busiest time of year for Timberline and its clients, has struck with a vengeance this year. As much as I loved driving more traffic and getting more attention to my blogging efforts, it’s not really where my bread is buttered. Q4 is all about successfully executing clients’ Holiday season online marketing and website development. With all of us working long hours toward that goal, something had to go — and alas, it was blogging.


I’ll have some detailed results on this daily-blogging case study for you, I promise! But it just may have to wait until the dust of Q4 has cleared . . .