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Out of ‘Site’, Out of Mind?

How often are you sending out your email campaigns? Email frequency is going to vary by customer, seasonality and a variety of other factors, of course, but at a minimum you need to be communicating with your customers at least once per month. If you let more than a month go by without contacting your users they forget about you and your site is no longer in the forefront of their minds. When they are ready to make a purchase you are ‘out of site, out of mind.’ Additionally allowing a large gap in between sends will often result in a large number of unsubscribes when you resume sending because customers have forgotten about you. In fact you should email as frequently as you can as long you can add tangible value to your customers.

Value can be measured by keeping track of a few key performance indicators:

Open Rate – Are your customers opening the email, or is it left in a lonely folder

Click through Rate – Are they interested enough in the content to click through your
email to visit your site

Unsubscribe Rate – Are you too clingy? Are they requesting an email restraining order
by Unsubscribing? You don’t want to be forgotten, but they also
need a chance to miss you

Conversion Rate – Are they not only clicking through your emails, but purchasing items
once they arrive on your site? Are you getting into their heads AND their wallets?

Keep track of these metrics and you’ll get a sense if you are adding value or not. If you email too frequently, open rates, click through rates and conversion rates will decrease and unsubscribe rates will increase. We like to see open rates around 20%, click through rates around 10%, unsubscribe rates under .75% and conversion rates about 5%.

“How do I know what my Conversion Rate is? I have no way to track this, do I?”
Obviously you have not talked to Christina because this is her favorite tip for clients!

Check back next week for the answer to this question and many more.